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Cure Physio was established by Jonathan Wride (HCPC MCSP AACP PgC Injection Therapy, MSK Sonographer and Independent Prescriber) to provide injury diagnostics and physiotherapy in London, Hertfordshire and Gloucestershire.

My history.

Jonathan was born in Cheltenham and currently divides his clinical time between London and Gloucestershire. Jonathan graduated from Cardiff university in 2012 with first class honours in Physiotherapy. After completing his rotations in the NHS, Jonathan moved into private practice to specialise in the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries. Since then he has worked extensively with professional and recreational athletes at a variety of clinics across London, alongside his work with the general public.

Jonathan is regarded as a specialist, having undergone extensive post-graduate certification in diagnostic ultrasound and injection therapy. Jonathan also successfully completed his independent prescribing qualification and can prescribe medications without the need for a doctor.

Jonathan strongly believes in offering his patients instant access to high-level diagnostics and specialist treatments with zero waiting times. These specialist services include Ostenil™ injections, Corticosteroid injections and PRP injections, as well as treatments such as Shockwave Therapy.

Jonathan is a passionate educator and is currently a national and international lecturer in the field of Shockwave Therapy. He is a member of the Swiss Dolorclast academy advisory board in which the future of Shockwave Therapy research is decided. In addition to this Jonathan also provides diagnostic ultrasound education for fellow professionals, alongside the world-renowned Mr John Leddy on the SonoHack YouTube channel.

Away from the clinic, Jonathan is a keen gym-goer and runner. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle including spending time in the countryside and travelling with his fiancee.

No GP referral required



Marilyn Okoro

When I first walked into your office I didn’t know what to expect besides a lot of pain. I didn’t know if after our three recommended sessions I’d even run again or if that pain would be worth it. I did however take confidence from your confidence ...So needless to say I was well and truly ‘shocked’ to be running again so soon and pain free!

Now I can get on with being an athlete again.

Shockwave Works

Rory O'Hanlon

"I’d not been able to run due to Hamstring trouble, With Shockwave Therapy, Jonny got me back running within weeks. Highly recommend!"

Caroline Frake

"After being knocked down by a car in 2015 I've been treated with acupuncture, steroid injections, shock wave therapy and massage. Although all of the above eased the pain this was only for a short period before the pain and restricted movement in my hip and lower back started again.

I went to Jonny who started a course of Prolotherapy. Since then I have had the longest period with very little pain and almost normal movement. I had begun to think I would never have a normal life being able to nurse as my career or go on long walks again which is how I like to spend my leisure time. I feel that Jonny and Prolotherapy have given me my life back. Thank you"

Stuart Smith

"I have been treated by Jonny on several occasions about my back and have always been more than satisfied with the results. IMS acupuncture is a fantastic treatment, the effect of which you can notice immediately"

Stephanie Muth

"There is no better physiotherapist than Jonny, Whom I started seeing 2 years ago with long term Achilles problems after multiple unsuccessful physiotherapist visits.

Jonny did the unimaginable and healed my Achilles problems with a holistic approach based on Diagnostic Ultrasound, Shockwave therapy, IMS and a progressive strength and conditioning programme.

He is genuinely passionate about physiotherapy, and the latest treatment approaches. He is definitely my physiotherapist of choice, and has been crucial to my athletic journey. I could not have done it without him. Thank you so much"

Gareth Trebble

I started seeing Jonathan after suffering with a frozen shoulder injury for 18 months which had failed to recover, leaving me frustrated and impatient. Thankfully, Jonathan had a bespoke treatment plan mapped from the first session and quickly put my mind at ease.

I started receiving Shockwave therapy and IMS which immediately reduced my pain! I was shown a range of stretches and exercises to do at home and my shoulder started returning to normal. Towards the end of my treatment I received Prolotherapy which was brilliant for clearing up the remaining pain I had.

Not only is Jonathan a very knowledgeable Physiotherapist he is also brilliant at dealing with people when they are feeling at their lowest, I can’t thank him enough!


Hi Johnny,

Just completed my first week of training, just wanted to say thank you for the great treatment and programs to get me back fit and playing!


Tim Lamden

I had suffered with chronic pain in my chest for around 10 years until I visited Jonny. He identified the problem was being caused by my spine and treated it.

After just two sessions, he had completely cured me of the pain.

Greg Cornthwaite

Jonny is the best Physio I’ve seen! He has fixed two injuries now. His diagnosis has been spot-on on both occasions and the treatment was brilliant and very effective!

Also the rehab advice was great. I’d highly recommend him!

Adam Smith

Within a minute of visiting Jonny he had diagnosed my problem and reassured me he could fix it. He wasn't wrong!

The treatments he used were innovative, pain free and swift. He also showed me some rehabilitative stretches which will prevent the situation from re-occurring and a detailed explanation of what I had done.

I left my session with Jonny thinking how talented and friendly he was.

Jamie Horder

I've been suffering with severe pain in the chest and shoulder for a while. Jonny was able to pinpoint the cause of my pain, which was inflamed tendons in the shoulder.

After treatment I am now pain-free and have increased range of motion - I will be back!

Kristine Hagen

Thank you so much for seeing me so quickly and also providing the detailed report. My shoulder pain is pretty much gone!  

I have slept solidly for 3 nights in a row, managed to wash my hair and face on both sides, stopped moaning and wincing – I can’t believe how quickly it worked. My last injection elsewhere had nowhere near the same effect.

David Blackwood

A HUGE THANK YOU to Jonathan having walked into his clinic 9 weeks away from a 4 day golf tournament and seeking a 2nd opinion after being told elsewhere that an elbow injury that i had sustained would certainly keep me out of the tournament and most likely from playing ANY golf for a minimum of 4-6 months.  

Jonathan explained the potential of PRP treatment and the ability to reduce injury recovery time so I took a chance and the results were Amazing, not only did i recover in time for the tournament but I managed to get a top 3 finish and most importantly I have not had any problems with the injury since, no reoccurrence or requirement for any additional treatment.

The Only disappointment was Jonathans, after the success of the treatment he could not understand why I didn't finish in1st Place!

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